WILSON Curtain Wall Consultant (Hong Kong) Limited is a specialist consultancy company in curtain wall industry who provides the following services:

  • Professional Curtain Wall Consultancy to Architects, Main Contractors and Developers.
  • Professional Inspection on Building Facade Failures.
  • Performance Tests for Curtain Walls, Aluminum Windows, Glass Walls and Skylights etc.
  • Load tests on anchor bolts, cast-in channels and spiders etc. (HOKLAS accredited, Registration No. 139).
  • High Quality Structural Calculations for Curtain Walls, Windows, Stone Claddings and other Building Facade Systems.
  • OTTV (Overall Thermal Transfer Value) Calculations for Building Envelopes.
  • Various Tests on Building Materials (including HOKLAS accredited bending strength test on glass and non-destructive tests for concrete - HOKLAS registration No. 139).
  • Arrangement for Wind Tunnel Tests for Different Buildings.
  • Witness Heat-soak Tests for Tempered Glass (T1 & T3).
  • Design Shop Drawings for Unitized Curtain Wall Systems.
Tel.: (852) 2645 1802 / (852) 2636 0851
Fax: (852) 2645 1824